Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nutshells and the Big Bang Theory, A thesis

My Wife once told me there was something beautiful inside of me, if only I would show it. I am a Scorpio by force of habit, which makes me either shy or secretive during the best of times. Coming clean and expressing my true thoughts on anything is usually rather difficult. If the moment should arise where I must be honest about something it is usually glazed over with a hint of either sarcasm or a dry humor befitting British satire. This Blog will be an attempt at being genuine and quite possibly being serious for more than a few seconds at a time.

My Wife should be a professional Blogger. I admire her ability to dedicate time out of each day to write blogs that are both entertaining and insightful. She has done much to help me come out of my shell, and I hope she knows that she is nothing short of an inspiration to me.

I would write more, but I do indeed hear my son complaining to the sky gods about some atrocity he no doubt cannot tell us about.

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